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Join us every week for tips, ideas, and insights about one the world’s most amazing psychological processes, The Lefkoe Method.

We have been using this process with ourselves and our clients for many years and want to share this and all of our techniques with the world. Keep coming back for the latest episodes.

Michael White is certified hypnotherapist and professional hypnotist with over 25 years experience. The Lefkoe Method and the mission of his superhero, the late Morty Lefkoe, has transformed his life. He has helped many people eliminate negative beliefs, fears and patterns. He is a certified trans-personal hypnotherapist and is studying for a master’s degree in social work and a master’s of arts degree in addiction studies.

Michael passion is to help people completely eliminate negative beliefs and patterns that are keeping them stuck. His goal is to deliver the Lefkoe Method to as many people as he can on Earth.

You can find Michael over at http://www.lefkoean.com.

Email: michael@thecoachingpodcast.com

Phone: 971-238-4076

“There are two possible versions of you, one for whom beliefs like, “I’m not good enough” and “I’m not important” are part of who you are. The other version is a “you” for whom this is an impossibility. Which version of you will more likely have a better future?” – Michael White